We create memories and experiences for our children that last a lifetime; where they feel truly loved, cared for, safe and secure.

We provide safe and stable environments through high quality care and education, utilising appropriate therapeutic interventions to drive stability.

  • Care – our homes support a range of placements from solo up to four bed homes, matching the child, the location and manager appropriately. Our aim is to support children to fulfil their potential by developing healthy lifestyles, well-being and resilience.
  • Education – our schools support the learning and education of children from ages 7 to 18. Our aim is to provide the right range of academic, outdoor and vocational education for all our children, to achieve a wide variety of accreditation ranging from Entry Level to GCSE/Level 2.
  • Therapy – Our specialist therapeutic interventions are individually tailored to the varied needs of children and aim to improve emotional, developmental and psychological needs.

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