Our Schools

Edison Young People’s schools meet the needs of children and young people who find it difficult to achieve in mainstream education, where it is often not possible to meet their emotional and developmental needs.

The ethos of our schools is about offering an alternative path to mainstream education that identifies with the differences, challenges and aspirations of the children and young people referred to our schools. We believe that no child or young person should fail as a direct result of their past experiences or complex histories. We are committed to helping them overcome adversity, so that they can be successful in their current and future lives. High levels of individual teaching and support are central to our schools achieving these aims, so that individual attention for each pupil will support them with their own unique needs.

To view our school based careers and opportunities, please refer directly to our school websites where vacancies and application information will be shared. Links are provided on the careers page.

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Our schools can also be contacted through their individual websites.

If you would like to apply to be part of the Edison family then visit our careers page